Alcinav S.P.A.


ALCINAV SRL is the new chapter of a long story that started from Fratelli Signani, founded almost a century ago, and through Alcinav scrl which realized many prestigeous naval furnishing.

Thanks to skilled workforce and newest technologies, Alcinav Srl is a reference for internal and external market supplies. The current 4000sqm plant has been redesigned in order to allow quicker Time to Market and may produce more than 500.000 sqm of panels each year.

Alcinav is a producer of naval components and furniture and the fields of interest are as follows:
  •       • Offshore
  •       • Yacht
  •       • Marine
  •       • Naval
List of Products:
  •       • Light alloy and B15 Doors
  •       • Hinged single door, Yacht Line mod
  •       • Wall panels
  •       • False ceiling
  •       • Inspection Hatches
  •       • Honeycomb and steel furniture
  •       • Prefabricated wet units
  •       • Accessories for wet areas
  •       • Special components