Fiberglass Grating Supply & Installation


Fibergrate was originally created and developed in response to the harsh conditions of chemical facilities which require products that can withstand corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, constant wash-downs and multiple impacts.

Designed to meet FDA and USDA criteria. Fibergrate's products have been engineered with slip-resistant and nonconductive properties. Key features such as corrosion and slip resistance, flame resistance, impact absorbency, non-conductivity, high strength-to-weight properties, and low maintenance make these products ideal for all types of oil and gas facilities.

Magic Line's extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with Fiberglass Grating-type projects makes them one of the most trustable, notable and reliable partners in the industry. Leaving the job in the hands of highly-skilled and trained engineers – who have a vast knowledge and practice in dealing with the material – Magic Line can promise and guarantee satisfactory result at all times.

Fiberglass Grating Installation

Supply and Installation of Fiberglass Grates; UV Coated

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