Galperti Group


Galperti was founded in 1921 and the first products that were manufactured in the factory at Bellano were mainly small agricultural tool and components cast for the state railways. Since then, development has continuously progressed and the advent of the chemical and petrochemical industries in the 1950’s led to a diversification of production with the introduction of flanges and the termination of the original line of products.


  •       • Valves
  •              • Ball Valve: Soft-Seated Valves / Metal-Seated Valves
                 • Galperti Engineering trunnion-mounted valves
                 • G-Blok Ball Valve Range
                 • G-Blok Gate Valve Range

  •       • Compact Flanges
  •              • GC Compact
  •       • Hub Connectors
  •              • Clamps


Galperti Forged Products (GFP) is the new division of Officine Nicola Galperti e Figlio born to address the strong demand of special forged products required at international level from the oil and gas, petrochemical and extraction industries.

  •       • Components for Field Development such as:
  •              • Wye
                 • Bulk Heads
                 • Reducers
                 • Tees
                 • Anchoring Flanges

  •       • Components for PLEM/PLET/ILT such as:
  •              • Mis-alignment Flanges
  •              • Forged Rings
  •              • Forged Connectors

  •       • Components for “Riser Systems” such as:
  •              • Tapered Joints
                 • Coiled Tubing
                 • Goosenecks
                 • Pad Eyes
                 • Hanger Spools
                 • Forged Pipes

  •       • Components for pipeline installation such as:
  •              • J-Lay Collars
  •              • CHOCs
  •              • Buckle Arrestors
  •              • Centralizers

Looking at Offshore Applications: GFP, integrating all of Galperti Group competences and capabilities, manufactures and assembles structures such as:

  •       • Swivel Stacks
  •       • Utility Swivels
  •       • Chain Stoppers

As far as onshore based applications are concerned further to the manufacturing of thick walled forged pipes, GFP manufactures Monoblock Isolation Joints: G-joint. Monoblock Isolation Joints are used to electrically isolate pipeline and prevent corrosion via cathodic protection. Every G-joint is a unique product, specifically designed, manufactured and tested in Galperti facilities in accordance to Customer’s specific request and international standards.