Metec Group


METEC GROUP, established in 2006, is the result of the collaboration among three companies: Metec srl, Wilson Walton International Srl and Metec West Africa ltd.

This group was conceived to further strengthen the close collaboration between Metec srl and Wilson Walton International srl, two skill and successful companies which are present in the cathodic protection market as international leaders for offshore and onshore systems.

Wilson Walton long experience in design and engineering has joined to Metec competitiveness and quality technology operating as a synergy with a unique sales point in engineering, production, start-up/installation and maintenance stages of cathodic protection and antifouling systems.

Products & Services

Metec Italia and Metec West Africa provide a wide range of cathodic protection solutions for offshore structures that can be preserved by sacrificial anodes: bracelet anodes for sub-sea pipes and jacket anodes for platforms, both cast in aluminum alloy, as like as flush-mounted anodes suitable for any other offshore application.

A consolidated experience drives a skilled team in all activities, both in design as in casting and in quality control.

This know-how is incorporated in all standard products, but, moreover, gives its best results in analysis, engineering, production and testing of customized anodes, we can realize to maximize protection of a new structure or retrofit an existing one accommodating all required specifications.

Products offered for Marine field:
  •       • ICCP
  •       • Antifouling system
  •       • Chlorematic - Eletrochlorination
  •       • Oval anodes
  •       • Drop anodes
  •       • Bracelet bolted anodes
  •       • Bracelet welded anodes
  •       • Jacket anodes
Products offered for Industrial/Onshore field:
  •       • Transformer/Rectifiers
  •       • Silicon Iron Anodes
  •       • Telecontrol system
  •       • Ti/Pt Anodes & MMO Ti Anodes
  •       • Magnesium anode with backfill
  •       • Reference cell
Products offered for Industrial/Onshore field:
  •       • Structural anodes
  •       • ICCP