Subsequent to the discovery of large gas fields in Northern Italy in 1951, Mr. Antonio Ventola establishes the Brand Samia®, trading in Combustion Equipment and Flare Ignition Systems. In a few years Samia® starts its proprietary designed production line, installing also a R & D Centre for testing and development of Flares and Combustion Equipment, becoming in the early 60’s the very first European based Company engineering Complete Flare Systems. The Brand led to great success, penetrating European, North African and Middle East/Gulf Markets, spreading into India in the late 80’s, China ten years later and, most recently, Russia.

Antonio Ventola in the recent times Samia® Registered Trade Mark, Technology and the entire Clients portfolio went under the whole control of Samia®Italia Srl, operating the Flaring Business under traditional Brand Logo and the Burners Business with the new «Burning Passion» symbol. From its new location in the most organized commercial area in Merate, one of the best business, historical and tourist areas in between Milano, Bergamo, Lecco and Como; Samia® Italia moves with renovated enthusiasm, modern re-organization and well motivated partners towards another half a Century of success under the guidance of the second Ventola generation.

SAMIA – List of Products, Provision Sectors & Services

  1. BURNERS: Conventional, loNOx, Forced and Natural Draft.
  2. REGENERATIVE COMBUSTION: Conventional and HRS High-cycle Regenerativecombustion System (an NFK of Japan Technology).
  3. FLARES: Elevated and Horizontal (Burn Pit), Offshore, Steel, Special Units, Biogas.
  4. ACCESSORIES: Valves, Hoses, Pilots, Ignition Systems, Fittings, Flanges, Blowers, Vessels (K.O. Drums & Water Seals), Prefabricated Piping
Provision sectors
  1. Process Burners
  2. Industrial Burners
  3. Flare and Flaring System
  4. Management Control Systems
  1. Safety and automatic control
  2. Surveys, feasibility studies and drone aerial inspection for flares
  3. Spare parts
  4. Revamping / repairs
  5. Erection supervision
  6. Start up suppor


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Magic Line Company Profile 2017
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