Site Preparation and Construction


Over the years, Magic Line for Petroleum Services & Agencies has been awarded a number of site preparations and construction projects. Magic Line has also been very lucky to work with many prestigious companies, who have fundamentally put their trust in the hands of Magic Line's project managers to get the job done.

The Basic Scope of Work includes the following:

  1. Removal of all the scrubs
  2. Rough leveling of the entire area
  3. Filling the holes with sand or rammed earth
  4. Establishing permanent and suitable benchmarks
  5. Laying out of the trench lines
  6. Allocating a proper storage space on the site's ground for all the necessary tools and materials

The basic site preparation also includes the assigning of the suitable office space, go downs, security booths and the personnel area as well as clearing the pathway, allowing the trucks and carts to move about freely around the site.

Impresub site preparation at Abu Rudeis

  1. Preparing the site
  2. Constructing a surrounding wall
  3. Fabricating a shelter for the parking area
  4. Manufacturing and supply ofthe portable cabins to serve as accommodation for Impresub personnel.

rehabilitation of Saipem Base at Abu Rudeis

The external plumbing net for sewage and fresh water: completely change of the corroded old net from the bathrooms to subbed and fresh water feed from the pump to the bathrooms and the garden. Make outside the building a subbed constructed from level 0 to level -3 with a reinforce concrete ceiling dimensions ( 3 x 3 mt) Electrical Works in the garden: Make a walkway and lighting columns 80 cm height with Decorative bricks in the garden


Warehouse construction

Building Parameters
Clear span two direction slop width (m) 10.00m out to out of steel line length (m) 30.00m out of out of steel line Eave Height (m)_ 7.5m

Civil Works
Soil preparation. Leveled, then hammered before and after lime stone installation I beam column base,,,,,


Amreya base civil work

Repair and repaint the WC for security office. 2. Final decision for workers room and WC. 3. Revamp and repaint the main Gat of the base. 4. Revamp the main entrance flour by concrete in and out. 5. Make two layers of Asphalt "5 cm" inside